Creating Kickass Instagram Story Templates

by Kevin MerisanuAug 19 2019

Instagram Stories are as important, if not more so, than the social feeds.

Instagram allows for promotion of stories, featured highlights and swipe up options. Not to mention, a couple incredibly glaring stats;

  • There are 500 million active daily Instagram Stories users in January 2019
  • 70% of Instagram users watch stories daily

Businesses can benefit with defining their Instagram Story aesthetic, and make the most out of daily content campaigns.

Being able to swap in and out copy and images on the fly, allows for more time to put towards other daily tasks.

Here are some kickass Instagram Story templates for 7 different niches. I'll be using, as they have some really nice templates and will give you a better visual understanding of what you can do.

Quick note: These can be mixed and matched with any business, for the sake of this article, we decided to focus on these 7.

Production Companies

Music, film, writing, the list can go on - production companies should be using stories to showcase their past projects, current and upcoming.

Showcasing music and videos, they can give glimpses into the everyday workings of their business. Not to mention, voyeurism for entertainment has never been higher.

Ask users what they think of story lines or characters. Bring together a mini-Instagram series for example, all through Stories.

Production Company Template

Real Estate Agencies

Standing out is crucial in the real estate world. From condos, residential, and commercial properties - there is a lot of land out there to be sold, rented and leased.

Having a unique design and vision through your stories will deliver a stronger brand message and even a way to show off more properties throughout the day.

It's a competitive market, so spend time defining what the best aesthetic is, will yield some solid results and allow you to keep building off different variants and templates.

Real Estate Template

Game Development Firms

Indie game dev firms can help grow their communities through Instagram Stories, putting together snippets and interviews.

Showcasing character design, maps, upgrades, get votes, etc. It's a great way to keep engaging with potential customers and fans. If you're releasing on Steam, it's a good idea to have some build up and show off parts of the game from a different view, more in-depth, and with closer access to the end user.

Soundcloud Artists

The current share to Instagram Stories option through Soundcloud isn't terrible, but I find it lacks visual appeal. Using stories to showcase sound bites, video ideas and links to your music are a great way to push content.

Using hashtags, artists can reach a larger audience and can also hide the hashtags behind images which is a nice little "hack".

Soundcloud Artists Template

Streetwear + Clothing Companies

Showcase different seasonal lines, and in-depth looks at the process in creating the clothing pieces. Brands can take their pieces to local skate parks, events and artists and toss them merch. Instagram Stories allow brands to build exposure daily and test out new content.

Link to look books and clothing lines of other designers. You can do giveaways of merch, and Q&As to see what your community and potential customers are thinking.

Streetwear Template


One of our clients is a Toronto neighbourhood gem called Old School, where we run the social media and marketing. We create tons of different story concepts, from event bookings, food blogger giveaways, specials and daily in-house items.

Restaurant Template

eSports Gaming Teams

There's not slowing down for the eSports industry anytime soon, so gaming teams are only growing in popularity. Using stories, they an showcase different teams under their brand, educate fan bases and improve engagement on podcasts, video and photos.

Buy and large, Instagram Stories drive major engagement and viewership. From sound bites, to videos, to questions and polls, businesses should be utilizing at least 15-20 stories per day.

eSports Template Example

Creating a backlog of story templates, will make your daily and weekly content campaigns easier to release and manage. It'll boost branding and offer a continued perspective for your community to engage with.

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