Replacing Rappers With AI

by Dillon RaphaelAug 20 2019

It’s almost 2020, which means we’re close to the future. By future, I mean technical innovation only seen in movies like the matrix. Our ancestors would be so shook if they saw us now. One thing I think about is how entertainers are on the verge of being replaced by computers. Like everything else tech ravages, do you really think music is unaffected?

Shit, we can already turn tone def, social media personalities into music stars. Now think to your self, what’s next.

Artificial intelligence is at a tipping point, where it’s already advanced enough to place Ariana Grandes face on porn stars. The game has changed forever. Imagine a world with no super stars, that means no more Drake, no more Beyoncé. Sounds scary, but to me gnarly.

We see how CGI has effected movies, replacing actors like in James Cameron films. He even joked about in one of his entourage episodes. Have you seen blizzard cinematics? I’d rather watch those than the shitty World Of Warcraft movie. But what about music? There’s already a CGI performer, Hatsune Miku. This computer generated cyborg performs live in front of millions, with actual fans. League of legends also has their own pop stars, of course this isn’t for everyone, and personally I prefer to listen to some hip hop. What if we start mixing some AI, with cgi. Can we start making our own rappers? We already can emulate voices with tools like Lyrebird, and we click on enough bicycles and fire hydrants to train these computers. They should have enough content for a decade, and it’s only increasing.

For this to work, it sonically needs to sound good. If we just have a computer talking, it’s going to sound like me rapping. We can solve this problem by using auto tune to add pitch on every 4th bar, effectively reenacting some flow. Not so crazy now is it? Throw some fire Boi1da beats in the background, and it’s game over. Hip hop officially taken over from AI & marketers. You heard it here first. When this actually happens, I want the time stamp on this post to feed my ego.

Before I finish this post, let me make things clear. I don’t look forward to this. Art is human, and someone who sits behind the computer most of my days, I enjoy the human element of hip hop. I’ve gotten to the point where less tech and computers the more refreshed I feel. My eyes can’t handle 4K, retina any more. My brain can’t handle more algorithms and syntax. When the time comes, I’ll stand on the side of the rebels. Where rap beef between humans and AI will mean attacking with DOS attacks. I’ll be here for you, humans.

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