Instagram is more than just a digital tool to follow friends or brands. It's the zeigiest of our time, and a big driver or sales, business and exposure. There are a ton of similar brands to yours, running ads and focusing on the niche audience you're going after.

How can you stand out in a crowded digital room?

With a tool that gives your Instagram a power-up. A simple link that gives you analytics, more URL linking and the ability to direct your audience to more specific call-to-actions.

This case study will focus on the development, use cases and value of


Since we usually work with Javascript, we went the Typescript route using the NestJS framework. Nestjs is a framework for typescript that offers an out-of-the-box application architecture which allows developers and teams to create highly testable, scalable, loosely coupled, and easily maintainable applications.

We chose to use nestjs to ensure future scalability and feature development. A core concept with nestjs is to separate features into modules.

Each feature of contains it's own module. For example: an instagram module to fetch users images, a stripe module to handle monthly and anual subscriptions, user auth, etc.

We followed a microservice architectural development style. Meaning the backend api is 1 service, the actual app it self is another while the user's profile page is another.

Use Cases

Waka Flocka

Both as an investor and artist that gets millions of impressions on his posts, can use Linkit to drive his audience to various call to actions. Concert tickets, new songs, playlists, merch, artists he's signed, etc.

Old School

As a resturant, driving cutomers to make reservations and informing them of new items is crucial. Using Linkit allows Old School to actively point what is hundreds of website clicks a week to OpenTable, events contact, menu changes and media coverage.

From a metrics perspective, we kept analytics simple and clean to start. Ranking to clicked posts, giving an idea of what content is getting more engagement.

A monthly tracker with a breakdown for where the traffic is coming from gives an added insight.

Instagram Traffic: Where is it Going?

Currently, the only way to link to a website or listing is either with a single link in the bio or by running an ad. Most software out there that offer a similar service are pricey and include a bunch of other features that aren’t typically necessary

Linkit does what it's supposed to, and does it well. Open up it up, add your URL on your Instagram page and users will have instant access to content of all kinds. We didn't want users to get stuck having to budget for ads, when that's not always needed. Link to multuple funnels, see what content works and which doesn't.

Marketing In Its Simplest Form

We’ve made it super easy to not only sync your Instagram but set up links in literally seconds. This isn’t your regular Instagram tool, this is the best Instagram tool for driving traffic. saves your time trying tools that don’t work and makes it easy for your audience to interact with your content and funnels.

More Sales & Website Visits Instantly

It’s time your Instagram page starts to actually help with pushing sales. Linkit finally gives you the power to make each and every post a possible sale or lead. Less click-through means more sales. Simple as that.

Real-Time Analytics

Not only can you start selling and collecting leads from your Instagram posts, but we’ve also given you the ability to track every single link.

See the device used, browser, country and how many clicks. Easy to understand analytics, that you can use to track and measure how content is doing. It's a feature we built in for no extra cost, because it's important to know what you can do to test and make your content better

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