NuCypher is a privacy layer for distributed systems and decentralized applications. NuCypher KMS helps dApp developers secure their data on the blockchain with decentralized proxy re-encryption as a service.

We were given the opportunity to work with them on the community development side. Creating and posting content on Twitter, Reddit and aligned digital communities.

Working closely with their team, we helped build and manage a growing community of developers, technologists and blockchain + dApp enthusiasts who wanted to know more and follow NuCypher.

We worked over 4 months to help bring their twitter following fro 628 to over 4000, a telegram community starting at under 1000 to over 20,000 and created an website called to bring light and knowledge seekers to an adjacent, unbiased platform.

We went to ETHDenver, meeting amazing individuals and companies. NuCypher is backed by the best and brightest, with a top notch team that made it easy for us to do what we needed too.

Using a shared excel document, we tracked tasks, projects, outreach, growth and more. Implementing a Gantt chart - we were able to successfully deliver on deadlines, while never losing quality.


There were numerous challenges throughout our tenure with NuCypher. None from them, but most from daily volatile markets and hyper-speed FOMO. We wanted to keep NuCyphers' brand identity and foundation within their community to be solid and authentic.

We maneuvered around fake airdrops and incoming SEC regulations. Failing ICOs and greedy companies looked for a quick buck - but NuCypher is different. We wanted to speak to that difference and longevity. They are a team of serious thought leaders and industry leading pros at what they do.

Building that out from the end user first, will create a lasting impression and give them reason to stick with it.

Developer Community Growth


  • Developer outreach through Reddit, Twitter, various forums and connections we had.
  • Created valuable content that spoke to the true brand identity and overall value of NuCypher for developers.
  • Created dAppnews which lead to a better direct connection with developers.

Saturation of Markets


  • Created content that was authentic and within the right scope.
  • Didn't look to outsmart developers or consumers - kept it honest and valuable.
  • Made sure to be where it mattered most, but digitally and IRL.
  • Worked and partnered with other startups, journalists, podcasts and groups to bring NuCypher to the forefront.

Fast Paced & Growing Industry


  • The Ethereum community is growing at an incredible speed, and to keep up we made sure to stay fully immersed in all things dApp/ETH/Crypto/Blockchain.
  • Curated a personal news feed of the best links for dApps & NuCypher news.
  • Used adjacent articles and blogs to bring more attention to NuCypher.
  • Kept track of followers, messages and developers that came across NuCypher.

Maximizing Digital Channels


  • We quickly formulated the best digital platforms for NuCypher.
  • Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord & Slack (Just a little).
  • Creating personal connections with devs and knowledge seekers.
  • Attended ETHDenver + were apart of the the Colorado Blockchain Slack, directly able to speak to everyone who attended.
  • Created a bot for NuCypher telegram channel that is able to push '/' commands to those who are just joining the telegram or have a various number of questions.


It was an incredible experience to work with NuCypher. Helping grow from a community aspect, a truly fundamental technology that will be a corner stone of the blockchain industry. We've played our role through various digital channels, nurturing and establishing NuCypher across dev groups.

We kept twitter growth consistent and quality, always showcasing the work of the NuCypher team. They traveled to various talks, meetups and developer conferences. We focused keyword content and back links for each channel, and they changed daily. We kept track and that made everything easier in the long run. Creating a social media template was a great way to track progress and reference for any info.

We also got to create (RIP) which was a blessing in disguise. We got to interact on a more personal level with the community, and drive traffic organically to NuCypher. We also were able to help showcase other startups, doing quality work within the space.

Upon completion of our tenure, we helped grow and build out the right type of consumer base. Individuals and entities that want to see NuCypher scale and become a large part of the industry.

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