9 Creative Jobs You Didn't Know About

by Kevin MerisanuAug 19 2019

Known creative jobs that have come to be the norm over the last few years include developers, designers, marketers, and writers. Giving each medium, a large boost in relevance with social media and the overall rise of the web.

There are also a good number of jobs that aren't of the normal and standard 'creative' work we've come to know.

You can always get a little more niche and specific with your craft, offering up possibilities that may now be there when casting a wide net.

Here are 9 creative jobs you may not of know or thought of

Furniture Designer

A great example is artist Joyce Lin  who joins Creative Director of 3Paradis, Emeric Tchatchoua- for a series of sculptural furniture objects that explore ideas about dreams and remembrance, made by carefully encasing antique European-style furniture in light blue frosted acrylic.

Book Cover Designer

With the rush over the last 5-10 years to become completely digital, we see the wave crash back towards the shore of physical products and books. This can be seen with Bobby Hundreds new book "This Is Not a T-Shirt: A Brand, a Culture, a Community--a Life in Streetwear".

Instead of looking to design websites or mockups, create artistic book covers for twitter personalities, artists, musicians, fashion designers, etc. It allows for the creation of a wicked portfolio and the chance to actual place some potential book covers.

Music Curator

Souncloud, Spotify, Apple, Youtube - all can be utilized to create playlists of all kinds. DJs, clubs, online or festivals are all great outlets for playlists you create.

Here are some playlists we created:

Market the playlists by tagging artists, creating a landing page, having them on Soundcloud and/or Spotify and constantly pushing them. Contact both locally and digitally different mediums and individuals who can get your playlists to different avenues. This can lead to up and coming artists reaching out to get on your playlists, leading to potentially monetizing the larger it grows.

Augmented + Virtual Reality

Before you jump at me for this one, think about this. The future is getting closer and closer to the wanting and curiosity of AR + VR. The industry will only grow larger as technology becomes better, and with this; micro-services, marketplaces, gaming, entertainment and more.

Get involved now, go to VR/AR conferences and meetups and events before deciding what you do.  This landscape is changing every day and new areas of VR and AR will continue to open up (as the industry evolves). So network, get versed on the technology and read the trades to stay current

Any type of possible work creatively you can think of needs to be done from a AR + VR standpoint. The industry needs more creatives, thinkers and skeptics. You could be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk of AR + VR, all it takes is that first step.

Packaging Designer

Helping eCommerce companies with their branding and packaging in the physical and digital space. Regular brown boxes are boring and outdated — so help companies and brands make their packaging more memorable.

All great products inflict an emotional response, and that comes even with the packaging. Apple products to a great job of having their core customers love opening up new products. Including promotions, extras, and ways to entice the customer to go and tell their friends not only about a great product, but great packaging that made them feel an emotional response.

Interactive Art Director

It's incredible the number of amazing artists of all kinds who are local. No matter where you are, you can find artists and showcase their work at a physical location and digitally.

It can also be seen as this

A Creative Art Director might be doing anything from building a website to drawing sketches for a video game, but an Interactive Art Director is probably going to be designing web and mobile content more than anything else, and no matter how good it looks, if it doesn't get your users where they want to go, then you shouldn't expect too much in the way of creative job placement. All Creative Art Directors have final say in the aesthetic presentation of a project, but an Interactive Art Director needs to figure out how to adjust that to the user's needs. - Artisan

Create exhibits for artists, with a DJ and a pop-up bar. Have artists bring their work, with cool digital concepts set up for artists who may not be local. This not only drives up the awareness of the artists and their work, but you as an Interactive Art Director. Throw 1/2 events like these a month, and there is a very real chance it can become a business.

UX Researcher

Researching markets and understanding what UX can bring the most value to a specific product, brand or service. This type of work can be super valuable, with the ability to bolster a bunch of different clients. The systematic investigation of users and their requirements, in order to add context and insight into the process of designing the user experience.

Created by Kevin Keen

UX is as important as the final product, so becoming an expert in UX will open a lot of doors and bring in the potential for a good business. If you've got a keen eye for design, a love of tech and the passion for great user experiences - UX researcher may be an awesome creative route.

Digital Style Curator

Using social mediums to showcase your styles or how you style others. This can be Instagram with a dedicated account to your different styles. The beauty, is you don't need to own these clothes. Find good to high quality images, create a multi-post and showcase the entire fit. This is merely one possible way. I'm sure the creative juices can get flowing on how to showcase via Insta.

r/streetwear may be one of the biggest collection of fashion and sneaker heads around.

It's pretty much the hackernews of fashion - so make sure you've got thick skin. They can be very nice and supportive, but also make sure not to filter their thoughts. It's a great place to get some super honest feedback on fits and styles you've done for yours or others.

Event Consultant

Help others throw top notch events, from the music to guest list planning. Drinks, food and all that it takes to throw a great event. The difference between this and an event planner, is your goal is to consult - not plan.

The consulting aspect gives you the ability and free range to not be tired to the constructs of budget or space. You can free think, creatively, how you envision an event right down to the small decals on the windows or gift bags.

These are just 9 potential creative jobs you can get into. It's possible you're already in a creative space, but want to pivot to something else or dive into a passion project.

All of these can be done without anyone else, and can even be done as side projects or hobbies. The world needs more creatives and more projects built from the heart.

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