Pixel Art of the Week I

by Kevin MerisanuAug 19 2019

We're big fans of 8bit and pixel art, so we thought why not create a running series of pixel art of the week.

We'll showcase 4 different pixel artists each week, from Twitter or Reddit, wherever the awesome pixel art is - we'll find it and bring it to your screen.

If you know of any artists, or are an artists yourself - send us your work! We'd love to showcase you.

Without further ado;

What's the deal?

Nothing like Jerry Seinfeld personified as pixel art. Incredible work by Jacob Janerka

Plasma Revolver

This plasma revolver is must have in any digital arsenal. Great work by u/Hashashaaaa

Abandoned House In The Woods

Spooky. Reminds me of GBC/GBA games and we love it. Keep it coming @angry__snail

Cyberpunk Vending Machines II

These are the vending machines we deserve. Love the entire aesthetic and detail in each one. Created by the extremely talented Kenze Wee (@Seppuku_Doge)

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