Pixel Art of the Week III

by Kevin MerisanuAug 22 2019

Lets dive in to this weeks pixel art!

Bottled Ocean

This one is a masterpiece, and one we couldn't pass up on. The detail in the water and cork are insane, plus the way persective is given using shading, is both hard to do and beautiful when done correctly. Great work ZaruSoaka

Forward A Better World by Andy Little

We need this one frame made into a full pixel game! Way to dope. Created by the very talented Andy Little, he's defintely one of the best to do it. Follow this incredible artist on Twitter if you haven't already.

Mario Sprite

"mario sprite that took me all night, but im proud of it! + a red overalls palette" - Sooshy

As you can tell, we're big lovers of Nintendo and Mario in general - so finding this gem was great.

Cyberpunk Cacodemon

Not sure what this is, but we need to see more of it. This creature was created by Mysterious Mandrill. This is something that we expect to see in the near future if the world turns into a dystopian cyberpunk world. Keep this coming!

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