Pixel Art of the Week IV

by Kevin MerisanuSep 03 2019

Lets get to some dope pixel art my friends!

Fisherman's house.

Incredible work by game developer and pixel artist Pavel []

The detail in his work is outstanding, and he's truley one of the best out right now.

Thing In The Woods

Love the colour contrast and depth with this piece. SchrimpDruide [] went hard on this one, and it's not making us want to travel to any forest anytime soon.

Tribute to Courage the Cowardly Dog

Talk about taking us back to easier times. This is one of the best 'kids' shows during its run, and we couldn't love this piece work. Angie [] shows us incredible skill and talent, and we hope to see a lot more of our childhood shows recreated in pixl form.

Homage to Akira

This piece was a must post. We're massive fans of Akira and this is beyond dope! For those who haven't seen Akira, we first advise you do that ASAP. Second, the colour change and aesthitic on this, makes us want to play a game version. eatpant42069, whoever you are, keep this coming!!

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